Software to operate FFA links pages at your website[s].

This section is to provide you will links to sites that offer free and paid software to operate a free and/or paid ffalinks at your website[s]. These types of "content" or "value added" services give your visitors a service [advertising] and allow you to build a mailing list / and/or sell products. If you need website hosting for your new ffa service, see

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Add A Link
Add A Link is a Free-For-All-Link (FFAL) script with features including built-in autoresponder, error check and linklock. If linklock is on, every link submitted by user will be moderated by the admistrator wheares linklock being off all the submitted links will be immediately added to your page. Click Here for more info..

Directory and Classified Ad
Directory Program is a very versatile program that can be used as links pages, directory, classified ads, frequently asked questions, or anything where you need a menu driven program. This Program is completely cgi driven, and all the HTML pages the user sees are created on-the-fly by the program. The Menu is automatically generated by the program, and will list all the categories that you setup. It will also generate a plain text menu, hyper-links, that are clickable to each category. The full version comes with additional features: Search engine, Pornography word filter, Automatic removal of expired entries, A thank you email to the poster, Add or remove categories at any time, Unlimited number of categories, Users edit their own entries or remove them from the system and Complete administration from the browser - click here for more info

AFFA - Advanced Free For All Link List
AFFA is a free for all link script that allows vistiors to post links on your website. It includes powerful input filters to ensure that all links are of the correct nature. AFFA features include: Duplicate Link Removal - AFFA automatically rejects ALL multiple submissions of the same URL, Content Filters - a number of optional filters which can help manage links displayed on your page, Link Checking - automatically checks the validity of all submitted links and reject all BAD links, Link Maintenace - AFFA makes sure that it remains of reasonable size and Email Autoresponder - an option that will allow each submission to be confirmed with an automatic email message. Click here for more info...

Castle Links
This is a feature-rich free 4 all links (FFAL) script written in Perl. Features include: Support for categories, Template-based easy customization, Links are stored in a text file database, Dynamic HTML display, Set how many links are displayed on a page, Web-based Admin script to delete links, set variables, add/delete categories, Word Screening, HTML and URL Banning, and more. Click here for more info...

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